From prison rebel to prison leader

Saraa was imprisoned for various drug offences, and during the first year of her sentence caused disruption for the prison authorities. She was angry, and deeply hurt by things that had happened to her.

Saraa is an only child, and while she was imprisoned, both her parents passed away suddenly and she never had a chance to see them again. To add to her despair, she learnt her husband had divorced her and remarried.

Saraa had reached the pit of despair, and in her desperation, decided to accept the opportunity to at-tend the weekly 'Life Skills' programme presented by Otgaa. Within a few months, Saraa’s life was radically changed. The prison authorities were so surprised by her transformation they promoted her to a leadership position to encourage and influence the attitude of other inmates.

Much to her delight, her prison sentence was reduced to three years and she was released.

Since her release, Saraa meets with Otgaa regularly. She is looking for work and has expressed a desire to become more confident and competent, so she is able to work alongside Otgaa to support the 'Life Skills' programmes inside the women’s prison.

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