About us

Many live on the streets, surviving -40°C freezing winter, suffering malnutrition and disease.
No one’s circumstances should become a barrier to becoming all that they could become!
MongoliaCare, delivering practical help to those suffering and strategic advocacy with government authorities to break the cycle of poverty, violence, imprisonment and hopelessness … read more

our story

MongoliaCare…come see our story unfold providing help and hope to ex-prisoners, the needy,
marginalised and those caught in domestic violence.
Join us in building a nation who uses her strength to imagine a radiant future for a restored, resilient people!


  • To provide love and hope to the needy, impoverished and ex-prisoners in Mongolia, by helping them to develop and realise their physical, mental, emotional and moral potential.
  • To be a humanitarian non-profit organisation engaged in providing assistance and care through significant projects amongst communities, villages and institutions in need throughout Mongolia.
  • To financially assist those living in these communities who are in need, homeless, malnourished and / or illiterate.


We need your support.

From prison rebel to prison leader

Saraa was imprisoned for various drug offences, and during the first year of her sentence caused disruption for the prison authorities. She was angry,...

Caring for the homeless

The lockdowns across Mongolia from the end of January 2020 have not only had a devastating impact upon the economy, but also in the lives of countless...