From sorrow comes joy

At the beginning of the year we shared the heartbreaking story of one of our Mongol Khalamj team members in Kharkorim, Battsetseg, who was knocked over at night by a drunk driver and left to die in the freezing snow, leaving behind four orphaned children.

The Payton Foundation kindly launched an appeal, and through the generous support of donors across Australia, raised sufficient funds for the two older girls, Puntsaga and Natsaga, to provide for their university education, accommodation and living expenses for the first year. The two younger girls are being cared for in a wonderful foster home called the ‘Rainbow Centre'. They share a room in an apartment with a caring family located in the centre of Ulaanbator. Otgaa meets with them each week to ensure they are doing well.

Puntsaga is studying to be an English teacher and it has been a delight to chat with her on our regular ZOOM meetings. The girls are so appreciative of the support being provided, and have expressed a desire to help Otgaa in the work of Mongol Khalamj when they have completed their studies. What a privilege it is to be involved in the lives of this family!

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