Initiatives and projects

Life Skills Programmes

The Director of the project, Naraa Dondov, was himself an ex-prisoner who experienced first-hand the challenges of trying to make a fresh start; having been in and out of prison five times in different cities over a period of 8 years. One day a total stranger helped him by giving him a roof over his head, some work skills, employment and copious amounts of encouragement. Over the last 23 years he has risen to become a respected leader in Mongolia with a real desire to assist others in the same plight.
MongoliaCare offers weekly life-skills programmes in five prisons across Mongolia. Three of these are located on the outskirts of the Capital, Ulaanbaator, two for men and the only women’s prison in Mongolia. We also work in two regional prisons, one in Kharkorim focusing on prison programmes and the Joy and Healing Centre and the other a High Security prison outside of Erdenet which includes prison programmes, Alcohol Rehabilitation and caring for Widows and Orphans.
The content of the Life Skills training has been designed by our Executive Officer and challenges individuals to take responsibility for their personal development and provides them with the incentive and skills to succeed.

Each week Otgaa presents her ‘Life Skills Programme’ on Family Radio, broadcast nation-wide. Her segment is rated highly and she has become well known, receiving numerous letters and emails expressing their appreciation and support for her programme. This led to her hosting a talk-back segment where callers can share their personal concerns and seek answers for situations they are facing. From the many requests from women and families experiencing personal issues and challenges in their relationships she now meets regularly with a group known as the ‘Women of the round table.’


In 2006 we recognised the need to establish another Project in the Regional areas where we would have room to expand and provide training in more traditional Mongolian skills such as farming and bakery. Kharkorim is located 363 kms south-west of Ulaanbaator and is approximately 5 to 6 hours driving time. We had been involved in conducting Life Skills programmes in the Kharkorim Prison for a number of years and there was a need to establish a centre where we could accommodate the ex-prisoners and provide on-going life and work skills to those who had no family or community support.
The Joy and Healing centre provides accommodation for 10 males, along with a kitchen, a large training room, as well as an all-weather workshop.

We have established a successful Bakery, a Chicken farm and a Cow Project which provide s opportunities for gaining work skills as well as providing a small income to support the men and their families.
Over the past twelve years we have established a good relationship with the Prison Authorities and in addition to our weekly Life Skills programmes we have supported the prison by establishing a library, a training room and the manufacture of tables and chairs for the dining room.


Erdenet is located 386 kms North –West of Ulaanbator and is between 6-7 hours driving time. In 2008 following our connections with the Local Government we identified a need to establish another project so we purchased a 1000m2 parcel of land in the Gur District around 5 kms from the centre of the town.
Since 2008 we have constructed an all-weather workshop, a large underground potato storage facility, toilets and a number of Gurs to accommodate those involved in the programmes. In liaison with the Local Government we have established two successful programmes on the site.

The first is the Alcohol recovery programme, which is known as the “23 Steps to Freedom” which is a live-in programme run for 3 months. Through the success of this programme we have seen many men’s lives restored where they have gained employment and re-established lives with their families.

Domestic Violence

To see Mongolia freed from Domestic Violence

In 2012 we identified many women prisoners who were in prison because of crimes committed against their partners, after they and their children had suffered years of abuse. It seemed that no-one had heard their cries for help. These women pleaded with us to bring their plight to the attention of the authorities and help stop other women resorting to such desperate measures, resulting in imprisonment and indefinite separation from their children.
We established a working committee with representatives from the Police, Social Security and Prisons department and over the next five years saw some encouraging developments. In 2015, the Government introducing legislation making Domestic Violence a criminal offence with an immediate prison sentence after the second offence.
Since 2016 we have provided Life Skills training and coaching in the Police headquarters, in Ulaanbaator, for those who have been charged with a first offence of Domestic Violence or those in the community who recognise they have anger and violence problems and want skills and help to manage their behaviour.

Poverty Alleviation

Since 2005 MongoliaCare has been making a difference to hundreds of individuals and families caught in this ‘poverty trap.’ Along with providing them warm gurs and basic food items, we provide them with ‘work and life skills’ in a community environment, to restore their confidence and sense of self-worth so they can become responsible leaders in their families and communities. This provides them a means to earn a small income, with a view to them eventually breaking free and becoming independent worthwhile citizens of Mongolia.

Erdenet 386 kms North –West of Ulaanbator Since 2008 2nd project is a Widows’ , Orphans’ and Single mothers’ programme where we cater for eight widows and their children. This also is a three-month programme where the participants come for 5 days/ weeks and along with providing two meals we provide skills in sewing and Life Skills. At the end of the programme, the women have the skills to sew their own traditional clothing which not only improves their confidence and self-esteem, but also provides them a means of earning some additional income.

Our heart is to provide practical support to disadvantaged individuals and widows living in regional communities throughout Mongolia. By supplying skills and materials to establish greenhouses for growing vegetables, we can support local government efforts to alleviate social issues faced by widows and orphans.